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Re: S'il vous plaît aider si vous parlez français

Yvan Le Bras-2
Hi Dave, Hi everyone, 

Thank you for sharing this amazing news! Gildas and I have started to exchange with Dannon and others and Gildas is beginning translation tasks if I don't make mistake. As working on this task is part of the job of an intern, Valentin, copied, who is working with me at Concarneau, I have proposed to Dannon that Valentin will start to work with him regarding Galaxy core code tasks thus we can create a french continuum and work to maintain this "frenchization".... For the "translation" tasks, maybe we have to synchronize with Gildas to be sure not duplicating work ?

This is really an amazing beautiful birthday gift for me Dannon! You made my day ! 

Whishing you a good end of week. 



Le 16 mars 2017 21:34, "Dave Clements" <[hidden email]> a écrit :
Hello all,

Dannon Baker just opened this pull request: for better support of the French language in Galaxy.  If you are interested in helping, that PR links to other issues and forks.


Dave C

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