[Galaxy-france] Galaxy February 8, 2013 Distribution & News Brief

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[Galaxy-france] Galaxy February 8, 2013 Distribution & News Brief

Jennifer Jackson

Complete News Brief

  • Improvements to our release process. Release tag must be used in the hg update command to upgrade. More at usegalaxy.org.

  • Tool Shed Complex repository dependencies are introduced, streamlining core dependency use across individual tools.

  • Also updated in the Tool Shed: multiple repository installation, dependency installation (when defined), and many usability enhancements and fixes.
  • New Bedgraph-to-bigwig tool plus Filter tool updated.

  • Workflows now include option to export an image and the core Framework now allows more unified reference genome usage and access.

  • Ten Community Pull-Requests incorporated, plus another contribution to the tool Shed, addressing general usability, API, tools, error handling, workflows, and more. Thanks!!

  • Review highlights from the latest monthly Galaxy Update newsletter and Galaxy Project Stats!

  • Plus bug fixes and related enhancements for visualizations, histories, workflows, and tools.




new:     $ hg clone http://www.bx.psu.edu/hg/galaxy galaxy-dist

upgrade: $ hg pull 
         $ hg update release_2013.02.08

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Thanks for using Galaxy,

The Galaxy Team

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